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Photo studio

The cost
of rent

the first hour is 100pln
each additional hour is 70zł

minimum rent time 2h
day 10h 700zł

available Mon-Fri
from 9:00 to 19:00

at Kościuszki 27b (building B,
entrance from Pomorska 86a)

  • rent of studio outside the working hours of the studio
  • support at the studio/help with realisation
  • help with arranging the light
  • catering

Studio equipment

Quantuum lamps:

600 digital
300 digital
continuous light QL-1000


okta 160

okta 90 + grid
soft 180x40 / 2 pieces

soft 45x45cm / 2 pieces
large beauty dish 70cm (white and silver)
+ grid + soft

beauty dish 40cm (small, silver)
+ grid + soft + gates + filtry + grid x2

dome 28cm, angle 45 degrees
+ grid + snoot + grid

board reflectors x3 (2 large, 1 small)

background: white, grey, black, pink, blue, yellow

+ stand for hanging the background

shadeless tent surface

surface 100m2
length 11,8m
width 9m
height 6m

double doors:
width 172cm
height 202cm

4 windows


Write or call us
to discuss your next project

(+48) 533 908 052


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