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What we do


  • Identification and development of Brands
  • Communication strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Social Media


  • UX & Design
  • Development and implementation
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Mobile applications

How we do it

We always care about the highest quality and integrity of our products. There is a small team,responsible for all production stages, allocated to each job. We also learn from the client’s experience by engaging him in creative process as a partner to our team.

Small teams

  • Small multidisciplinary teams
  • Responsibility for UX project, design and product implementation

Client as a partner

  • Business knowledge
  • Support at every stage of designing


Every ready product is preceded by 3 stages: interview, strategy and designing, and implementation with finalisation works. The second stage is the most time-consuming. Thoroughly considered functionality of the product, usability and aesthetic features mean hours spent on tedious drawing and tests. All this to make the final product last for years and meet the expectations of target client. Interview Strategy, designing Implementation



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