Towarzyska Kafe

Visual identification

Project of logotype Prepration of corporate design and stationery book


Towarzyska Cafe was established near the river in a renovated town house with a big yard. The owner had suggested desired association with famous restaurant network – “Społem”, and its logotype from the 70’s and 80’s. We drew the letters within this stylistics and slightly tilted the sign.

Key Visual

Visual identification was based on the following colours: black, blue, and orange. Wave graphic motif corresponds to the nearby river and the whole is topped-up with illustrations presenting fun.

Key Visual

The identification elements were put on various materials useful in food and beverage business e.g. tickets, posters, id cards, but also company’s letterhead, folders and pens.


Spacious and economical interior dominated by white colour and natural wood was an excellent background for black logotype and bright identification elements. The logo appeared in windows, on the walls and was also displayed on the building.

Business profile

Towarzyska Cafe runs an entertainment operation targeted at demanding clients who crave for something new. The yard with its own climate and spacious interior gather people who look for fun or a moment of rest in fresh air. Visual identification of this place was positively accepted. It is recognised everywhere, and can be seen in the photos, on wobblers, taps etc.

zdjecia Paweł Malinowski i Tymon Markowski
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