Family Park

Family Park

The preparation of the brand identification and basic promotional materials.


The problem of previous brand identification was low clarity of the logotype and lack of integrity of promotional materials. Numerous elements and complex colouring negatively affected visibility and the very recognisability of the brand. Moreover, it created additional technological problem while printing. The combination of letters in more contrasting colours (F) and less contrasting ones (A), divides the word visually and makes it difficult to read the sign correctly.


Family Park is a place of active recreation for all family members of different age. The character of the centre is resembled in the logotype due to dynamic, slightly wavy form which implies movement and fun, and softly finished, non-aggressive hand lettering matching association profile of Family Park. Line thickness and light between the letters were selected to ensure optimum balance between readability of the sign when small, and its powerful message when magnified. The dynamic form of the sign contains additional foot note and graphic element in the shape of a smile/underline which locks a block of the sign into more condensed shape. It allows the sign to separate itself from other graphic elements e.g. in newspapers or other promotional materials. Additionally, “smile” functions as KV (key visual) of the brand, which had been applied in the following examples of branding in the shape of “dragon scales” referring to the new mascot of the centre.


The idea of whole visual identification is to combine the logotype with already existing mascot of Family Park. The bonding part is the graphic element in the form of multiplied “smiles” resembling scales (the ones of a dragon in this case).

The company’s business card uses both identification elements: the logotype and “dragon scales”. The essential rule is to maintain appropriate sizes of components of the KV in order to keep disproportions between particular elements not too big. Thanks to this, they do not dominate the others.

“Dragon scales” may be applied on all promotional materials constituting identification elements of the brand. They should not be used as an independent graphic element but as an addition to the logotype. The mascot also is not a self-contained part of the image and should be used together with the logotype.


Our task was to design and implement new, attractive interface of the website. Thanks to new KV we managed to adjust layout to client’s requirements of an easy access to the most important information, even in a responsive form.


Bounce rate i.e. rejection rate

(a user sees only one page and leaves it)

86%  →  36%


Returning users

(new users who return to the website)


10%  →  30%



Website’s responsiveness was a key factor due to the lifestyle of modern parents who constantly struggle with lack of time. However, the abundance of graphic elements created certain problem with the amount of transferred data and prolonged time of loading of subsites on mobile devices. This is why all these illustrations were specially optimized in order to minimize their size and loading time.

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