Visual identification

The preparation of the brand identification and promotional materials.


The place located in main square is addressed for people whose top priority is quality and pleasant surrounding. The menu contains apetizers and simple main courses in a sophisticated version. In addition to that, there are good coffee, tea, alcohol, and soft drinks. At nights XOXO turns into a coffee bar club.

The investor has decided on a bald name which allows the freedom of interpretation and pronunciation. The aim of our operation was to create visual identification and a Key Visual. We started work from an association with a simple game of tic tac toe. Based on that, we created graphic layouts with the use of drawn letters. The layouts were copied on the elements of branding.

Elements of identification

Green colour, white background and graphic layouts construed from copied letters X and O create modest but characteristic graphic motif.

External communication

The launch of place required preparation of external communication i.e. POS, stickers, wobblers, checkout, and social communication support. XOXO had a warm positive welcome. The operation was successful 🙂

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