Volkswagen Group Poland

B2B application
for the Skoda brand

Design and implementation of the warehouse system

skoda B2B

Issues and goals

The customer of Volkswagen Group Poland was looking for a local software house to perform dedicated B2B application (frontend and backend development) . Our task was to design the process of advertising materials ordering, an efficient database and creating a comprehensive order management system.

Thinking about usability (UX), we focused on large, legible graphics and pictograms. The category view without unnecessary elements, based on the basic color and green color accent and large images of products, easily directs the user to an interesting place.

Widok Kategorii Aplikacji B2B

Real time booking

A legible calendar makes it easier to make decisions. Three product states marked with colors inform the user whether the product is available, in relocation or not available. On this basis, dealer can schedule an event at the most convenient time.

System functionality

The application allows you to manage inventory and reservations in real time. It was based on an authorial, optimized for the customer CMS system which allows access to the offer only for logged-in users and enables profiling of user accounts. The product search engine is based on booking dates.


The application has been launched in accordance with the date
and expectations of the client in less than 60 days.
It allowed to transfer the process of ordering advertising materials to the internet,
thanks to which it significantly shortened and simplified.
The customer is satisfied with the achieved goal.

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