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Large Format Illustrations in Family Park Play Centre

Family Park

Pentel company in a joint initiative with Family Park Play Centre took on a challenge to create decent playing environment for the little ones. Large size walls were given to be covered with illustrations. This is where our work began – first conceptual, and then artistic.


We created a series of heroes by mingling animals, children, and dragons. They were set in fairytale sceneries, while playing, during underwater journeys, or in space. We designed large format wallpapers to decorate over a dozen of walls inside Family Park including interactive spots. Children were delighted and eagerly participated in drawing games on specially prepared boards.

Dragon friend

Family Park while changing its visual identification decided to highlight the Dragon and make him a Brand Hero. Based on 3D illustrations we prepared flat, detail-free equivalents in different situations. After that, we put the Dragon to play with and help the children. Educational stories were created. Our hero encourages to paint on T-shirts and does the ironing. The illustrations constitute warm background and prompt to play. Due to special protective coating children are able to paint on them with Pentel markers and create their own world different from our proposition.

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