The Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz

New identification of the AoM - focus on young people

Project of identification and the website of the Academy.


The primary aim of the project was to create a new, unified image of the Academy, which so far has not worked out recognisable visual identification for itself. The only characteristic element of this brand was the logotype which influenced the Academy’s recognisability on its own. The main tasks of the project were creating a recognisable image of the Academy in a domestic and international arena, and increasing the Academy’s popularity among young students choosing a place and field of studies.

The creation of unified image of the brand requires from a designer to become familiar with the institution’s history, its achievements until now, character and method of teaching, current trends prevailing within given subject, and even architecture of the Academy. Thanks to such knowledge the designer can accurately define the aesthetics in which he or she will move while creating this new identification. New image called for re-designing of the logotype so it would match modern standards of graphic design, and selecting leading colour which would distinguish the school of Bydgoszcz from other schools in Poland. The next step was to determine full key visual of the brand by applying it on the basic printed materials and the website.


The palette of new visual identification consists of black and white with colouristic accents inspired by the colour of ink which was used for writing music. The colour works also as an association with the history of writing music because it was the only way of its visual presentation in the past.


Taking into consideration the character of the Academy’s notion, which is sound, its image in a visual form should not dominate but only identify it in the international arena. A lot of “light” gives the composition a breath of air and lightness despite strong contrasts which, on the other hand, affect clarity so important in this project.


Academy’s new visual indentification makes no reference to current architectural assumptions of it’s buildings, because it was some kind of a nostalgic procedure. It’s role is to direct the image with a sense of perspective, considering development plans in 2020.


Whole identification does not make any sense if it is not consequently applied in all media which constitute the institution’s recognisability. The promotion of events organised by the Academy is one of the main processes of creation of its recognisability in the market. Such announcements, as a target, should be by default associated with the Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz without the necessity of reading the logotype.

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